Shop Our Gender Reveal: Balloon Room

Shop Our Gender Reveal: Balloon Room

tori and jon gender reveal balloon room

Hi everyone!

As many of you know, we recently hosted our Premier Gender Reveal Party welcoming our third baby Reilly (stay tuned for the video!). We wanted to create a guide for your to recreate some of our most memorable moments from our gender reveal at your own party with friends and family. This is Part 1 of a virtual blog tour of our designer reveal with steps and links for you to take our ideas and make them your own! We are going to kick off our tour with the Balloon Room- the top pick of all of our guests under the age of 10.

For our gender reveal party, we wanted to create multiple photo-stations to capture memories with our friends and family. It was important to us that everyone had a great time and was kept entertained, and this included the kiddos! Our friends and family have quite a few young kids, and with our 2 and 3 year old sons, we knew we had to come up with something extra special for them to enjoy. We designed the balloon room with the little ones in mind, and let’s just say it totally did the trick. Throughout the afternoon, as we were busy greeting our guests and orchestrating the event, we would walk by the balloon room to find all of the kids swimming through the balloons, tossing them at each other, and totally forgetting about anything other than the sea of pink and blue balloons. It was more successful than we ever imagined, and it ended up being one of our favorite elements of our gender reveal party! Let’s give you a rundown of what we did and how you can achieve this same look at your event…

The floor is obviously the central focus when you’re designing a room for kids who aren’t much taller than knee-height, so we started by covering the floor in pink and blue balloons, printed with “It’s a boy!” and “its a girl!”. We used normal air to fill these, and completely covered the floor. We found that a ton of our guests, kids and adults, enjoyed picking up whichever color they thought the gender would be, and taking the cutest photos for instagram and facebook.

The next level up from the floor, we added these playful colored paper Poofs throughout the room on various surfaces. Of course the kids loved them, because they are fun and whimsical, but they are also a tasteful and sophisticated touch that adds textural variety and color to your space.

From there, at about eye-level (for the grown ups) we added mylar balloons, continuing the boy/girl theme, in feisty animal print, which is totally on trend, and sweet giraffe shapes that the kids were crazy about. Not only were we  emphasizing layers with this look, but the metallic shine of the mylar added more texture and interest in photos.

Last but not least, we wanted to create a mirrored effect from floor to ceiling, so, using helium, we lined the ceiling with massive pink and blue balloons, in the same theme as the smaller ones on the floor, and this tied the whole look together. The sun coming through the window and through all the balloons created a pink and blue glow throughout the room, perfecting the lighting and helping us capture some of the coolest guest photos in this room.

Links to all of the products we used to achieve this look are listed below, so make sure you shop this room for a fun and interactive space to your guests to party! This setup was such a huge hit with the kids, and we definitely recommend trying this for your gender reveal party! Make sure to share your photos with us but tagging us in your posts @poofthereitisreveals and using our hashtag #poofthereitis. We love seeing your renditions of these ideas!

With love,


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