A Different Kind of Reveal

A Different Kind of Reveal

Hello guys! Tori and Jon here...

We have some news! We are so excited for the opportunity to be a part of so many beautiful gender reveal moments. The demand for our hand crafted gender reveals is more than we could ever hope for, so we have decided to upgrade our website to better suit all of your needs. We have worked hard to create a dynamic website that displays our products in an exciting way and helps you navigate our platforms as seamlessly as possible.

Our new website was designed with you guys in mind, and it incorporates a couple of important design changes. The first major change we implemented was the inclusion of video to showcase the products in action. Your POOF moment is not only about capturing your awesome shot for instagram and Facebook, but also making an impactful moment for your gender reveal guests! Therefore, we thought it was incredibly important for you to be able to see the massive poof clouds in 3D to get the full effect!

Within the new site, we also incorporated multiple links to our social media accounts. We love seeing our customers using our products, and we want to share your amazing photos of your special moment! This is a really great way for people to experience our products from not only our shops perspective, but also real couples using our products.

Additionally, we are working hard to create amazing content for you guys to be able to absorb and collect helpful tips and tricks to help you create the best possible version of your gender reveal. This is an incredibly beautiful moment that many people only get to do once or twice in a lifetime, so we understand how important it is to capture this moment perfectly. We have planned this blog, in addition to a multi-series YouTube channel packed full of information to help you achieve the gender reveal of your dreams. We are so excited to offer our expert advice to you!

We are incredibly grateful for the growth that our small business has experienced recently, and the need for a more user-friendly website has become very clear. And we owe it all to you guys <3 Thank you for everything!

With love,

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