Are our powder products non-toxic?

All of our powder products are filled with food-safe, non-toxic, non-hazardous colored powder!

What is our Domestic Shipping policy?

Domestic Shipping Times: 

  • UPS Ground, UPS 2 day, UPS Next Day

How can we order the reveal if we do not want to know the gender before the reveal?

First, select the 'secret' option within the product listing. Once you have done this, you have two options:

  1. Proceed to checkout. Then, please have your Dr., nurse, or friend email tori@poofthereitis.com along with your order number, name of person being shipped to, and the results! You will receive a shipped notification, but don’t worry! We will print your order off and hold it to the side until we receive the secret results! We will then package your order as soon as possible with no color indicators and have it on its way to you! 

  2. Add the secret option item to your cart. Click the cart icon in the top right corner, and add a note to your cart. This option is ideal if a friend or family member is ordering for you, and you want your reveal to come un-labeled.

How are the gender reveals labeled?

  • Each ball (with the exception of the gender reveal football) will have a removable pink or blue yarn tied to it. Our footballs are not labeled.

  • All cannons are labeled the color on the bottom of the cannon with an easily removable sticker OR a numeric code. 01 for girl, 02 for boy

  • Hockey pucks are only labeled when both colors are ordered and they have a small easily removable sticker

  • Burnouts are only labeled if both colors are ordered and they will have a small color tab 

  • Practice cannons are labeled stating white

What ages are the cannons recommended for?

  • We don’t recommend anyone under 15 to use the twist cannons. The spring ones are suitable for kids. 

How do the invitation + décor digital downloads work?

Purchasing Process:

  1. Add the invitation to your cart and purchase

  2. This will prompt an email from Corjl

  3. Follow the link to access your editable invitation

  4. Edit, save, and download the file as JPG or PDF

  5. U N L I M I T E D Printing :)

Collection Elements: 

  • 5" X 7" Invitation

  • 8.5" X 11" Old Wives Tales

  • 8.5" X 11" Voting Ballot


  • JPG file to email or post your invitations

  • JPG can be printed at a photo lab

  • PDF can be printed from home or a print shop

  • Not compatible with Vista Print

  • We recommend #110 LB paper

Do We Offer Discounts for Bundles?

  • We offer wholesale pricing for retailers interested in carrying our products, which begins at a minimum order of $500.

  • We also offer highly customizable $.99 invitations and paper décor in an instant digital download format! Definitely check those out to find the perfect invitations to match your theme at a great price!

  • The best part is that we offer FREE Shipping for orders over $100, so let us be your one-stop shop for your event, and you can save on shipping!

Didn't see your question? Send us a chat in the bottom left corner, and let us know how we can help!