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Tori & Jon Biggest Gender reveal ever
We started Poof There It Is in 2016, We realized how basic and dull the gender reveal offerings were, and we decided to create customized gender reveals that would truly capture the uniqueness of every couple. We went to work curating high-quality products that we have personally put through rigorous product testing to ensure that we are producing nothing but the best for our customers.
Shortly after we launched the business, we became pregnant with our second son, Jack. We wanted to take our gender reveal to the next level, so we launched our 24" Gender Reveal Cannons, and everyone was so crazy about the epic POOF, that our business exploded (pun intended).
For us here at Poof There It Is, we don't like to settle. That means we are constantly striving to create new and better products and perfect our art, so that we can be the best at what we do. We know how important your moment is to you, so it is equally important to us. The quality of our products reflects this, and our customer satisfaction is a testament to what we stand for.
gender reveal confetti cannons
Since 2016, Poof There It Is has grown more than we have ever dreamed! Our products have been featured in over 400,000 gender reveals, and we couldn't be more excited to see you and your families enjoying your POOF moment! Running a burgeoning business and raising 4 boys is no joke, and every day is a little bit different, but it's all worth it, because we love what we do.
 As a small family owned and operated business, we are truly in awe of the amazing support we get daily from our customers, who have inspired us by sharing their incredible gender reveal moments with us. We strive every day to stay on top of your demands and the current trends to give you the gender reveal of a lifetime!
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